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Axcendo is the professional one stop shop for electrical, PCB, mechanical, firmware and robotics design services. Our specialty is eliminating the logistical complications that arise from sourcing multifaceted projects from independent service bureaus.  We offer expertise from a wide range of cutting edge technologies to be your single source for product and automation development. Axcendo Innovations proudly performs all work in-house and will not subcontract to third party vendors. 

Whether you have an invention that we can help you bring to life with our end-to-end turnkey solutions or you require design services in only one part of your product development, Axcendo brings professional expertise to do it right, the first time.

High Speed Printed Circuit Board Design

Axcendo offers comprehensive PCB design services for the development of high fidelity electronic circuits ranging from video processing, telecommunications, and networking infrastructure to wearables including smartwatches and fitness tracking.

Our portfolio of successful projects includes complex controlled impedance builds up to 24 layers, with blind, buried and via-in-pad technology operating in excess of 10GHz.

For the complete development cycle of your product, we offer professional expertise to assist your design process by delivering turnkey PCB deliverables ready for manufacturing. Where only partial support is required, we offer supplemental design assistance to facilitate the development of your product at any phase in the PCB design. Any or all of services are available on-demand to accelerate your project's time to market without compromise to quality. Whether you need design-for-manufacturing footprint land patterns, assistance setting up your design rules, component placement and routing or just consultation, Axcendo will build a custom solution for you.

For less complex designs, we also offer quick-turn prototype development.


Controlled Impedance

24 Layer Build

Laser Vias

Stacked Blind Vias

Buried Vias


<0.4mm BGA

Sequential Lamination Builds












IPC-7351B Compliant Footprint Land Patterns

PCB Footprint Libraries

PCB Design Rules & Constraints

Component Placement

Via Dispersal

Power Plane Design

High Speed Interface Routing

No Auto-Routers

Manufacturing Package Deliverable

Manufacturing Process Assistance

Mass Production Ready


Hardware Design


Axcendo utilizes proven methods in electrical hardware design that have been accrued through experience with leading Canadian technology companies. Our know-how stems from thorough academic training coupled with years of industrial experience in designing the electronics behind many successful products on the market. Our clients vary by industry from telecommunications to high-speed video processing, wearables, robotics and sensing, motor control, medical devices and scientific research. 

A good design begins with a careful hardware design specification where the intended functionality of the end-product is meticulously defined along with the roadmap to get there. We do not sidestep risk nor leave it to chance. Instead, we ensure that potential areas of high-risk in your design are identified and thoroughly examined. Component selection is executed according to your intended operating environment with manufacturing yields, reliability and your bottom line in mind to ensure there are never any surprises in your Bill of Materials. Our schematic designs follow strict standards to ensure functional legibility and transparency to facilitate reviews and prevent mistakes before they happen.

We pride ourselves in the thoroughness of our designs and the rigour devoted to comprehensive component, interface and schematic reviews. Axcendo can assist you through the process of developing a product from an early high-level concept to a ready-to-manufacture creation. 

Whether your volumes are only a few prototypes or mass production, our hardware design services provide a uniquely tailored solution with competitive pricing.


services offered

General System Architecture Planning 

System Block Diagram

Bill of Materials Projections

Schematic Library Creation 

Schematic Library Review

Component Selection

Schematic Design

Comprehensive Schematic Reviews

Part Procurement & Kitting

FPGA Design

Embedded Systems Design

Axcendo's software expertise comes from years of developing safety critical flight control software in hard real-time environments for the UAV industry.  This experience has been critical in aiding the implementation of the Axcendo development process which ultimately results not only in error free code, but robust code as well. 

Our strong background in both hardware design and software development allows us to design systems with tightly integrated hardware and software, providing you solutions with the highest performance at the lowest cost.  In addition to full embedded system design services, we also offer stand alone custom embedded drivers, boot loaders, controllers, and state machines and have extensive experience on the STM32, AVR, and C2000 architectures.



Services offered

C, C++, Assembler Development for Embedded Systems

Support for ARM, AVR, and C2000 Architectures

JTAG, SWD Debugging

Custom Driver Development

Interfacing Over

Embedded Linux Support and Kernel Bring-up

Microcontroller Selection




Our multifaceted skill set at Axcendo sets us up perfectly as a robotics shop where we can provide customers with full end to end mechatronic solutions.  Our experience allows us to know when off the shelf components will meet requirements to provide you with the most cost savings, but also allows us to design custom components and electronics for extremely demanding applications or to solve unique problems.  Axcendo can help guide you through the design process of taking your idea from a simple concept, though the initial design and prototyping phases, to a final, manufacturable design. 

Some of our most extensive experience has been designing and building micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and precision gimbal systems.  In the past we have developed custom estimators, controllers, and higher level motion planning algorithms for micro UAVs.  A current project Axcendo is working on in conjunction with the University of Waterloo under a Canadian Foundation for Innovation grant is a precision gimbal for modelling human and macaque vision tracking systems.  Axcendo is providing the full modelling and gimbal design, as well as a control interface through MATLAB.  Some of the requirements for this project include dual parallel gimbal mechanisms for a stereo camera setup, a 0.02 degree pointing accuracy, 600 degree per second speed, and 40000 degree per second acceleration for each of the cameras individually. 



services offered

Precision Gimbal Design

Sensor Calibration Routines

Advanced Motor Control


Sensor Fusion Algorithms

Sensor Selection

Path Planning

System Modelling

Mechanical Design


At Axcendo, we offer mechanical design services to complement our electronics design offerings.  Whether you need a simple enclosure to house your new electronics, or mock-ups of your next big idea to help pitch investors, Axcendo can aid with creating detailed designs, manufacturing drawings, running simulations and FEA analysis, and sourcing prototypes and low volume manufacturing runs.  Our work to date has ranged from designing and prototyping enclosures for a personal, wearable security device to designing and building a high speed, full stereo vision, multi staged camera gimbal with up to 0.02 degrees of pointing accuracy. 

Tight integration between Axcendo’s chosen software tools Altium and SolidWorks, in conjunction with executing all work in house allow us to provide rapid and seamless design iterations when integrating mechanical designs with custom electronic solutions.  Often there is conflicting requirements and constraints between mechanical and electrical design teams which can produce delays and costly mistakes. At Axcendo however, we can concurrently work on both aspects, reducing the overall time for completion and the probability of making critical errors.



services offered

SolidWorks 3D Modelling

Finite Element Analysis

Rapid Prototyping

Manufacturing Drawings

GD&T Analysis

DFM Review


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